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It is under the STRAY moniker that Erica Dunham - aka Miss UNTER NULL - reveals a more delicate approach. STRAY's sound is identified more by the reverent side of the human spirit, and once viewed through her heart, one can perceive hope and light at the end of this trancey tunnel of melancholy melodies carrying clear sequences, bittersweet words and mesmerising atmospheres. There is the hope of life even in the darkest of valleys and nature has progressively started taking over again. Erica unveils with this project an unexpected coiled side of her enigmatic persona and colours her unique intricate song-writing style with a lighter 80's-tainted tone. Is it that surprising that STRAY was once described as the 21st century (noir) replica to the legendary eighties' band PROPAGANDA.? Well, STRAY has a big heart that has so much to share. Grab it with both hands. And ears. And soul.

New Unter Null Shirts!

About damn time! Commencing the release of the new EPs, new shirt designs have been graciously provided by Mr. C-Drone-Defect, and can now be purchased on!

You sick fucks get your choice of the following: Unter Null "Lie" Tee, Unter Null "Lie" Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt, and still there are a few Unter Null Sick Fuck Girls Baby Tees left.

Also, look for some new changes on the site coming soon.

Much love to you all!


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Unter Null on iTUNES, Suicide Commando remix, European tour:

News! News!

First of all, Unter Null is now up on iTunes.
click here so you don't have to go to a CD store and get instant gratification!

Second, Unter Null has finished a remix for SUICIDE COMMANDO, the track being "Bleed For Us All". It kicks ass, and it'll be on the Endzeit Bunkertracks II compilation coming out soon on ALFA MATRIX.

Third, Unter Null has guest vocals appearing on an IMPLANT track. Very noisey and aggressive, the track will be out on Endzeit Bunkertracks II as well.

FOURTH, AESTHETIC PERFECITON has done a remix of SICK FUCK, and this will also be on the Endzeit Bunkertracks II compilation on ALFA MATRIX

FIFTH! The best part...
Unter Null European tourdates!
Some shows will be solo, and some will be with AESTHETIC PERFECITON. We are STILL putting together dates, ESPECIALLY for the month of JULY, so any promoters interested, PLEASE get in contact with either Daniel or myself through here, or UNTERNULL@GMAIL.COM

Apr 30 2006 8:00P
Headhunter Festival - Vienna Vienna
with Aesthetic Perfection
Apr 30 2006 8:00P
Headhunter Festival - Vienna Vienna

May 05 2006 8:00P
Unter Null w/ Marco Visconti of XP8
ZOE - Milan, IT

May 06 2006 8:00P
Unter Null w/ Marco Visconti of XP8
LYNX - Vicenza, IT

May 12 2006 8:00P
Naples, IT
tentative, pending confirmation

May 26 2006 8:00P
LVC - Netherlands Leiden
with Aesthetic Perfection

August 26 2006 8:00P
Bristol, UK

LAST! But not least...
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infeKted sound news:

Reviews of 'Rhythms for Decay' available here:

and here:

and also in this months Rocksound magazine alongside Autoclav1.1

The compilation is available from the website £11 inc p&p

and also distributed through Music non stop, Ad Noiseam and Crunchpod


We will be announcing the latest exciting new hybrid IDM/rhythm noise project to join the infeKted ranks very soon, guaranteed to rock dancefloors....

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severina & the operative
Performing at:
untitled. An Art Show.

Featuring the art of:
Heidi Calvert, Louis Feischauer/AMF, Orion,
Steve Diet Goedde, L. Crosky, Michele Waterman,
Eleventhreehundred, Gidget Gein, Perry Gallagher,
VICTOR, Yvette Marie, Eban Lehrer, Zaiden Conner Vegas,
Jose Lopez, Shellee Luna, Jason Hadley & Molly Crabapple

Other performances by:
Cirkus Goddess Miss Satanica, Musik by Mark Nelson & Amy Oliver,
Sultry Hollywood Starlet Victoria Lane

DJ sets by:
Bluegirl & seraphim

Saturday October 8th
9pm - 2am
Bluespace Gallery
5519 Hollywood Blvd.
$5 Admission
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