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Thank You and Play List

I want to thank both DJ Kruxx and Dredd for extending the initial invitation and for hosting me as guest DJ for the evening, I had a great time last night (barring the one instance of unfamiliarity with the equipment. Oops!). I also want to thank everyone who was on the dance floor, you all rock! Thank you! I hope I get the opportunity to spin for you all again.

I had a couple people come up and ask about a couple songs, so here is what I played in my set. Again, thank you all.

Club Maschine Play List 06:01:05

Accessory - Bad Conditions
God Module - Perception
Glis - No Pulse (Tactical Sekt Mix)
Aesthetic Perfection - I Belong To You
Imperative Reaction - Something I Left Behind
CombiChrist - Happy Fucking Birthday
Haujobb - The Noise Institute ( 1994 Mix by Iszoloscope)
Soman - Divine
Xotox - Mechanische Unruhe (Zeta-Remix by Cycloon)
Funkervogt - Prisoners of War (Dance or Die Remix) *Request
Icon of Coil - Floorkiller (2004 Version)
VNV Nation - Chrome
Cut.Rate.Box - Ego
Nu Romantix vs. John Bora - Mad World
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